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  • Sex:Female
  • To Meet:Men
  • Age:38
  • City:Henderson
  • State/Area:Arkansas
  • Country:United States
  • Last Login:Less than 24 hours ago
Interested In:
  • Ethnicity:White / Caucasian
  • Status:Single
  • Smoker:I don't Smoke at all
  • Drink:I don't Drink at all
  • Height:
  • Body Shape:Other
  • Hair Color:Ask Me
  • Eye Color:Blue
About me: I am not the girl that you take home to meet your mom and dad, however I am the girl that all your guy friends wish that they had met. I have a strong sex drive and am willing to do whatever it takes to bring you the most erotic pleasures that you have ever experienced. I can do things to you that will make your head spin. I am aggressive and don't stop until you are completely and totally exhausted.
Looking for: I am looking for a guy who is ready to experience true excstacy. A guy who has a drive to be fulfilled like he has only dreamed of. A guy who is not afraid to lose all control and allow me to do all that I please to him. I will leave you with nothing more that an unending desire to feel the way that you do when I am done with you!!
My Likes: Not Completed yet